Great Teas Right to Your Mailbox

Great Teas Right to Your Mailbox

I have recently discovered and subscribed to Hello Tea, a tea subscription service, and I have to say . . . I love it! If you love trying new teas, you will too.

It’s simple to sign up and you can subscribe for free, you won’t be charged unless you decide to keep the teas they send you. Here’s how it works:

Set up your subscription account at Hello Tea Club.

They will send you three different varieties of tea every month along with a sampler of each. Also included in the box is a description of each tea and proper brewing instructions. I love that they also tell you the caffeine level of each.

You’ll have ten days to enjoy the samples and decide which ones you want to keep. There is enough in each sample packet for at least two cups.

Once you’ve tried them, keep what you like and send back what you don’t. They even pay for the shipping both ways and include a return shipping label to make it easy.

You’ll only be charged for the teas you choose to keep. (The prices of each are listed on the brewing card.) And if you decide to keep all three, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

Interested in another blend or want to purchase more of what you like? Just go to their site and order direct.

I love trying new teas, but I don’t always have time to get to a tea shop and I’m sometimes unsure of trying blends I’m not familiar with and don’t know if I’ll like. Hello Tea makes it easy!

Want to give them a try? Hello Tea Club is offering a discount code just for my followers!! Use code “TEACOTTAGE15” at checkout for 15% off your order. (Note: Not valid on subscription)

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