Honey – It’s Not Just for Tea

Honey – It’s Not Just for Tea

If you saw my Tea Lover’s Gift post, you know I love Savannah Bee Company’s honey. But honey isn’t just great for tea. With so many varieties available, you can use it for almost anything. Using Rosemary Honey and Raw Honeycomb, I made a delicious fruit and cheese board for a family gathering. This platter was a great start to a light summer dinner. I’m glad I got this photo when I did because just ten minutes later it was gone! This was definitely a winner!

Fruit and Cheese with Honey

I made this show-stopping display with:

The cheese display was brought up a notch by adding honey to compliment it. It blended perfectly with the cheeses, providing a little extra sweet and savory touch.

For dessert, I served up puff pastry bites with fresh berries and Whipped Honey with Lemon.

Whipped Honey with Lemon

Whipped Honey with Lemon is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s delicious, smooth, and a wonderful addition to desserts, tea, and tonic. It’s available in other flavors too like chocolate and cinnamon, which I can’t wait to try because I’m sure they’ll both be great on toast and scones!!

Let your creativity flow! Honey isn’t just for tea. There are so many other ways to use it. Find your favorite then come back and share it with me.

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