The Joy of Loose Tea Without Leaving Home

The Joy of Loose Tea Without Leaving Home

I love trying new varieties of loose tea, but I can’t always make it to a specialty tea shop. That’s why I’m a big fan of tea subscription boxes. I can try new blends of loose tea without ever leaving home. They come right to my mailbox and give me the opportunity to try something new.

The portion sizes are great too; enough to enjoy several cups and even share the blends I love with friends.

This week I received a new subscription box from Capital Teas and I love it! Their TeaLove box came with three varieties of loose tea, an extra tea goodie, and I even received three extra samples of my choice.

Loose Tea from Capital Teas

Here’s what came in my loose tea subscription box:

  • Madagascar Vanilla Loose Tea (I think this one is my favorite!)
  • Sailor’s Delight Loose Tea (Perfect for getting the day started)
  • Harbor Breeze Loose Tea (Great at night since it’s caffeine-free)
  • Organic Ginger Root for adding to any of my teas or brewing on it’s own

Plus, when you place an order online, you can choose 3 tea samples to try. My samples included Slimming Oolong, Jasmine Gold Dragon, and Capital Breakfast.

If you’re not sure how long to steep your tea and at what temperature, be sure to download my Perfectly Steeped Tea Guide to guide you.

I discovered this subscription box through Tea Time Magazine. Capital Teas TeaLove box is a flat $19.95 per month and you can receive $5 off your first month’s box with discount code TEATIMELOVE.

If you love trying new teas, Capital Teas TeaLove subscription box is a great way to enjoy them from the comfort of home.

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