5 Handy Tea Infographics

5 Handy Tea Infographics

Tea can be complicated sometimes with so many varieties, different ways to steep, understanding how to set the table and more. These are some of my favorite tea infographics to help you understand all there is to know.

1. Formal Tea Party Place Setting

Setting the table for afternoon tea can be confusing. This great infographic shows you exactly how to set the table.

Formal Tea Party Place Setting

2. The Perfect Tea for Every Mood

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of tea is best for an early morning or just before bed, or what to drink to stay focused, this tea infographic from Swanson Vitamins has you covered.

The Perfect Tea for Every Mood

3. Reasons to Love Tea

Cup of tea with that book, please gives us lots of great reasons to love tea everyday.

Reasons to Love Tea

4. High Tea Etiquette

What are you supposed to do with your pinky? How do you eat a scone? This tea infographic has all the tea etiquette faux pas covered for you.

High Tea Etiquette

5. Tea Steeping Guide

Last, but not least, how do you steep tea? This handy guide not only tells you what you need to know, it also makes for a great piece of kitchen artwork.

Perfectly Steeped Tea

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