Things Every Good Reading Nook Needs

Things Every Good Reading Nook Needs

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Creating your own little reading nook is the perfect way to hide away with a good book. But what does a cozy reading nook need?

First, of course, you need a place to sit. A bench, a cozy chair, or just some pillows piled up on the floor. Then you’ll want a few other items to personalize it and make it your special spot. ┬áThese are some of my favorites:

Floor Pillow and Cover

This lovely pillow cover comes in four gorgeous colors. Don’t forget the pillow insert. Together they make a comfortable and beautiful place to rest.

Decorative Lamp

This decorative lamp is a charming addition to any reading nook.

Night Reading Light

For those nights that a good books is keeping you up but you don’t want to keep anyone else awake, this flat book light is perfect for illuminating the entire page at once.

A Cozy Blanket

For chilly nights of book reading, this blanket is sure to keep you warm.

Tea Mug

Of course, a good book and a cozy place to read aren’t completely without a warm cup of tea.

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