Steeping Tea the Right Way

Steeping Tea the Right Way

Have you ever wondered about steeping tea the right way? Different varieties call for different times and temperatures; there’s an art to perfectly steeping tea.

Delicate teas require lower temperatures and shorter brewing times while heartier teas need higher temperatures and take a little longer to release all of their flavors. Steeping tea too long or too hot can give you a bitter cup of tea instead of a smooth taste. But, on the other hand, steeping┬átea in water that is too cool or not steeping long enough won’t release all of the tea’s flavor or the health benefits.

What about steeping tea for a second or third cup? This is usually fine with loose leaf teas, but tea in bags have enough flavor for just one cup. Try a second brew with them and you’ll end up with flavored water.

Proper Temps and Times

White Tea – 158-167 degrees for 2-6 minutes

Green Tea – 167-176 degrees for 2-4 minutes

Oolong Tea – 185-206 degrees for 1-3 minutes

Puerhs Tea – 195-212 degrees for 3-5 minutes

Black Tea – 195-212 degrees for 3-5 minutes

Herbal Tea – 212 degrees for 4-8 minutes

Wondering if you should add milk first or brew your tea first? Check out this post to find out.

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I made this special download just for you, my wonderful readers, to help you always know how to steep your tea. You can download the .jpg version right here then simply email to your favorite photo center or printing shop to print. It’s an 8×10 that you can frame and hang right by your kettle.

Perfectly Steeped Tea

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