Tea Lover’s Gift

Tea Lover’s Gift

When I wanted to share some of my Hello Tea Club treasures with my bestie, she quickly informed me that she didn’t have an infuser. How is this even possible? I had to remedy this situation immediately so I started putting together a gift for her with some tea samples and an infuser. And this Tea Lover’s Gift is what I came up with. It was incredibly easy and, with a few things I had on hand, I was able to create pretty quickly.

Tea Lover’s Gift

Tea Lover's Gift

I choose four of my favorite loose leaf tea varieties from Hello Tea Club and measured samples into each bag. Then, I created labels to let my bestie know how much tea, how long to steep, and how many steeps for each variety. Once that was done, the hard part was over. Everything else just had to get tucked in the jar and tied with a ribbon.

The Just Ducky Tea Infuser is perfect for any Tea Lover’s Gift. With its own cup to sit in, you can add tea to the infuser without having to hold it open. Plus, it’s slightly larger than some other infusers so it can hold 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea. Not to mention, it’s super cute!

If you don’t have loose leaf teas and still want to create a similar tea lover’s gift, just substitute a few individually wrapped tea bag samples. This is a gift that any tea lover will love to get!

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