Tea Stained Tea Towels

Tea Stained Tea Towels

Tea towels are not only handy in the kitchen, they make great napkins for a luncheon. You can also use them as a tea cozy, wrapping your teapot to keep the tea warm for a longer period of time. Use them to line a basket or bowl to keep your scones warm right out of the oven. You can even frame your decorative tea towels and hang them as beautiful kitchen and dining room art.

Tea stained tea towels have a natural, earthy feel to them with beautifully dyed hues that vary with each towel. No two towels are the same.  Give this fun project a try!

How to Make Tea Stained Tea Towels

What You Need:

  • White Flour Sack Tea Towels. After shopping online and visiting a few stores, I found the best deal at Walmart. In the store, they had a variety of packaging and pricing. Individual towels for $1 each, 5 towels for $4, or 10 towels for $8. You can buy just what you need.
  • Assorted Tea Bags, 8-10 for each towel. Black tea is great for a natural brown shade. Hibiscus or Passion tea work well for a soft pink shade.
  • Boiled water, 4 cups per towel.
  • Rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting stained.
  • Glass bowl or baking dish so you can see how well your towel is stained

How to Stain:

Boil the water, pour it into the glass dish and add your tea bags. Use a ratio of 4 cups of water and 8-10 teabags for each towel you want to stain. I don’t recommend reusing the same bowl of tea for a second towel as the dye will be weaker and you’ll end up with a much softer shade.

Let the tea steep for 10 minutes then remove the bags. Rinse your tea towel in cold water to help it absorb more color. While wearing rubber gloves, dip the towel into the tea bath, pushing it down into the tea as much as possible.

Tea Towel Staining

Let the towel soak for about 15 minutes, pressing it into the tea every few minutes, then turn it over and let it soak about another 15 minutes or until the desired color is achieved.

Gently remove your towel and wring it out over the bowl. Rinse the towel in cold water until the water runs clear then hang dry it.

To help your towel keep it’s dyed shade, hand wash or wash in cold on gentle cycle with a delicate wash like baby shampoo. Harsher detergents can cause it to lose its color.

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