7 Reasons I Love to Read Cozy Mysteries

7 Reasons I Love to Read Cozy Mysteries

I love a good mystery! I love the intrigue and deception that draws you in and challenges you to see if you can figure out the puzzle before it’s revealed. Suspense and thriller novels are great for getting your blood racing and keeping you on the edge of your seat, but cozies are a good way to relax and reduce stress.

They draw you in and give you more than just a puzzle to figure out, they offer a story about people and places that makes you feel like you wish they were real because you know you’d be good friends with them.

If you just want to relax and enjoy a good story, cozies have something for everyone.

Warm Characters

Cozy mysteries are about more than just the mystery. They tend to have exceptional character development. By the time you reach the end of the book, you feel like you’ve just spent time with some good friends and you’re sad to see the time end.

Charming Places

Most cozy mysteries take place in a fictional town that is picture perfect; a place you wish you could visit. Even though an actual trip isn’t possible, a little time spent in that magical place through a book will leave you feeling like you just took a mini vacation.

Cozy Book Covers

Cozy mysteries have the best cover art; they help you to visualize the enchanting world you’re about to enter. And they give a little hint of the mysterious journey you’re about to embark on.

No Violence

I’m a bedtime reader so I’m not a huge fan of blood and violent attacks just before falling asleep. I prefer a warm story with great characters in a place I love spending time. Add to that a good mystery and I’m in heaven. Any murders that take place in a cozy are either non-violent or take place out of sight of the reader.

A Good Puzzle

The best part of a cozy mystery is, of course, the mystery! There’s always a good puzzle to solve and more puzzle pieces than you need to throw you off track. If you like a good mind game, a well-written cozy will keep you entertained and on your toes.

Happy Endings

Stories that end poorly with something bad happening to the main character leave me feeling disappointed and can ruin the reading experience for me. That’s why I love cozies; they always end on a positive note with something good happening for the main character to wrap the story up with a bow.

Time Well Spent

Time spent reading a cozy is always time well spent as it helps me to relax and it reduces stress. You can fall through the rabbit hole into the story and become part of it for the time you’re there and come out feeling refreshed.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and choose a good cozy that seems to speak to you then get lost for a bit in the story. You won’t regret it!

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