Letter Writing Tea Party

Letter Writing Tea Party

Need a fresh idea for a tea party? I’ve got one for you. Actually, it’s an old idea that I’m bringing back.

Text messages, social media, emails, and instant messaging are all part of this digital age changing how we communicate with each other. When was the last time you received something other than a bill, a catalog, or junk mail in your mail box? Many people don’t even check their mailboxes every day because they never receive anything they care about.

But what if you could make someone’s day by sending them something that brings a smile to their face? Hand-written notes are so rare, when one does arrive it gives the receiver a bit of excitement that someone thought enough of them to send a special note.

Invite some friends over, bring out a stack of notecards and pens, serve some good food and hot tea, then sit down to write a few notes for those special people in your life. A letter writing tea party is a perfect afternoon get together.

I found these lovely writing supplies at JetPens. The include an adorable collection of Teacup Notecards, beautiful Blue & Violet Washi Tape to seal the envelopes, and an Erasable Gel Pen in (what else?) Tea Brown.

Some other fun items you can include in your notes are Magnetic Bookmarks or yummy Macaron Sticky Notes.

To help you plan your tea party, check out my posts on Thanksgiving Tea Party and Christmas Tea Party for guides and menu ideas.

Send notes to friends and loved ones, or send them to the men and women serving our country in the military. A Million Thanks is a great project to support with your letter writing tea party.

A handwritten note is a great way to make someone’s day. Enjoy time with your friends and make the day of several friends or service members with a letter writing tea party.

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