Tea Scented Candles

Tea Scented Candles

If you love the smell of a fresh brewed cup of your favorite tea, then these tea scented candles will help you enjoy that scent anytime you want. They’re easy to make, require just a few supplies, and you can make them with any tea you’d like.

Tea Scented Candles

  • 5 bags of your favorite tea (I used mint tea)
  • 1 small brick of candle wax *
  • 1 candle wick *
  • Glass votive (I reused a glass dessert dish. Get creative and re-purpose something from your recycling bin.)
  • Bamboo skewer

Melt the candle wax in a double boiler over medium heat until completely melted. Before adding the tea, dip the end of the wick in the wax and adhere it to the inside bottom of your glass votive. Wrap the other end around a skewer laid across the top of the votive to keep it in place while the wax dries.

Add the tea bags to the melted wax and allow it to steep for 20-25 minutes. Gently squeeze the tea bags then discard. Pour the infused was into your votive holder and allow to cool and harden, at least a couple of hours, before lighting. Make several and place them all around your house to enjoy the scent in every room.

*These items can be purchased at any craft supply store.

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