Host a Mystery Party

Host a Mystery Party

If you love reading mysteries and playing Clue, why not invite a few friends to join you and host a mystery party? You can divide into teams and work together or work individually against each other; either way, a mystery party is a great way to spend a fun evening with friends.

Amazon has several great options for murder mystery game sets. For about $15-$25 you can buy a box with everything you need for a great party including a script for the mystery with roles for each player, crime scene clues, and even a party planning guide with themed menu ideas to enhance the evening. The box sets accommodate up to eight players and even include invitations.

Want to host a mystery party for a larger group? Try a mystery skit from Tea Mystery Skits. Use the skit script to put on a murder mystery performance for a group. All skits have a tea theme and require just a few props. They’re interactive and require participation from the group to solve the mystery so everyone gets to be a part of it.

There are several free options available as well. With games available for anywhere from 6 to 25 guests and even a few mystery games for kids, there’s something for everyone.

When planning your mystery party, allow at least two hours for the game plus extra time for eating and socializing. Some games are shorter, the mystery skits are about 30 minutes long, but most of the interactive games take a bit longer.

Last, but not least, if you enjoy the idea of an interactive mystery but can’t find enough people to play along, try The Mystery Experiences Company. This is a monthly subscription box with a new mystery each month, along with the clues and tools needed to solve the mystery on your own or with a friend. You never know what mystery you’re facing until you open the box.

An interactive mystery party is a nice alternative to your regular game night or dinner out. Try something new; you’ll give your friends something to talk about and keep them looking forward to the next mystery party.

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